Using video analysis and/or on site observations of your child along with parent questionnaires; we will determine your child's current level of social emotional engagement, unique sensory profile, play, and self-care skills. 

Caregiver Coaching

Based on the results of the assessment, we will teach you how to implement sensory based strategies and PLAY Project methods, principles, and techniques within play and daily routines. Our focus is to empower you develop a better understanding of your child’s behavior and learn strategies to achieve the goals you have for your child. We are willing to include any caregiver that wants to learn during visits.

Insurance Costs

Many families are now paying high out of pocket deductibles before the insurance company begins to cover services. Therefore, it is becoming more important to spend time researching the cost of travel and therapy visits. First Achievements offers high quality, home, office, and teleintervention based services at an affordable price. We do not have the high overhead costs of hospitals. Our approach is to empower caregivers, so therapy usually consists of two to three visits a month; for up to a year; depending on families needs. We also do not require families to take mandatory therapy breaks.

We are currently in-network with Anthem. Some insurance companies will cover out of network therapy. We give a 40% discount for private pay. Please contact us to schedule a free 30 minute video consultation.

Home, Office, and TelePLAY visits

We offer a flexible approach to services. We have an office space where we are able to provide in-person services. Depending on distance, we are comfortable with meeting you in your home. We can also use a HIPPA complaint teleintervention platform in conjunction with video sharing.

Hebron, Kentucky

Tel: 859-322-9594

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