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Kirsten Brown, OTR/L; licensed occupational therapist and certified PLAY Project consultant, is the owner of First Achievements, PLLC.

 Over the past 30 years she has worked with children in a variety of settings including neonatal intensive care unit, neonatal follow-up clinic, outpatient pediatric clinics, school based therapy, and home based early intervention.

 In 2000, she started her own private practice, focusing on home based early intervention. In 2012, Kirsten completed her Play Project certification.

She is now part of the Play Project Supervision Team and a Master PLAY Project Trainer, helping to train healthcare providers from around the world on how to use the Play Project approach in early intervention.

In 2018, Dr. Solomon honored her with The Making a Difference Mick Katschor Leadership Award. She also received A Governor’s Citation Award for her work with Kentucky families.

Dr. Solomon, founder of The PLAY Project likes to say: “When you do what your child loves, your child will love being with you.” First Achievements focuses on helping caregivers support their child’s sensory regulation, emotional connection, and engagement by incorporating their child’s unique sensory preferences and ideas into play to create fun and joyful interactions which are the building blocks for the foundation needed for language and social development.

Play Project

The PLAY Project is an evidence based. cost-effective, parent implemented intervention model developed by Dr. Richard Solomon., (http://www.playproject.org/about/dr-solomon/). The vision of the PLAY Project is "that all parents will be supported in developing a joyous relatioship with their children with autism spectrum disorders in a way that will help each child to reach their full potential. "

The research shows that The PLAY Project approach of training professionals to help parents and other caregivers to become a partner in their child's autism intervention leads to successful child and parent outcomes.

Occupational therapist support and promote the development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers and their  caregivers in daily routines such as play, mealtimes, sleep and social engagement. 
Difficulty with sensory processing, seen in a child with autism spectrum disorder, create challenges for the child in participating in daily routines of eating, playing, sleeping and engaging in social relationships.
Occupational therapist use the sensory integration therories and intervention methods researched and developed by A. Jen  Ayers, PhD, OTR/L to provide a neuroscience-based approach to addressing sensory processing concerns.
Occupational therapists identify sensory and motor difficulties and provide intervention to help a child to further develop self-regulation skills, motor skills and self-care skills. 

 KY First Steps program

First steps is a statewide early intervention program that provides services to children with developmental disabilities from birth to age 3 and their families. Early intervention services are available to any child who meets the developmental eligibility criteria, regardless of income. To contact the local NKY First Steps Point of Entry Office call 859-655-1195. Click here for more information: http://chfs.ky.gov/dph/firststeps.com

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