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Hebron, Kentucky

Tel: 859-322-9594

Our Mission

To provide highly effective, home based therapeutic intervention to young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or showing red flags for autism spectrum disorder by teaching primary caregivers how to implement research based occupational therapy and  PLAY Project strategies within typical daily routines. 

 Our Services: Home Assessment and play based therapy

We will determine your child's current level of social emotional development, unique sensory profile, and play and self-care skills. 

Our Value: Why is early intervention important?

We will teach you how to implement the PLAY Project methods, strategies and techniques in order to meet your child where she/he is at and to take them to where she/he needs to go!

A little about ourselves

Mom speaks out!

First Achievements, PLLC is a private pediatric occupational therapy practice located in Hebron, KY.  First Achievements provides home based services in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern KY area . 

The practice has a specialized focus in working with young children who are displaying difficulty in relating and communicating with others and have difficulty with sensory processing.

The practice utilizes The PLAY Project approach, developed by Dr. Rick Solomon, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician.  The PLAY Project is based on the DIR/Floortime Model of treatment developed by Stanley Greenspan, MD and Serena Wieder, PhD. Read: the full research article from the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.